The driver of the Epson printer plays a vital role in the process of printing. It provides the printer with the details of space, shading, archives and other information you want the printer to perform. You have to choose the one which is appropriate for your printer then only it will work for you. So before choosing the printer, you must always check the information about the driver and then configure Epson printer with laptop. You can avail the help of the support team who will assist you in selecting the best printer driver.

configure Epson printer with laptop

Configure Epson printer with the laptop?

The steps of the setup of Epson printer on windows of Laptop differ when you use the CD for installing it or without CD. In case of any trouble in the process, you have to make sure that you avail the help of Epson customer service team. Here are the steps of setup but before proceeding with the steps you have to ensure that you are connected with the internet for successfully completing the process:

  • You must install and download the application to your laptop by clicking on ‘Next’. Then you need to accept the terms and conditions and after that, you click on ‘Finish’ icon. This step will start the process by which you can configure Epson printer with laptop.
  • Once you Finish that, then a new dialogue box is found on which you can find your printer name, you have to click on next for proceeding with the steps. Again, from the new dialogue box, you need to select printer registration and then again click on next. If you have any doubt get in touch with the Epson customer care.
  • You must repeat this process again and finally click on ‘OK’ for completing the process. Now save the printer to Epson connect message and then create an Epson connect account type. This will enable you to get a new account.
  • Enter all the crucial details and finally click on ‘Finish’ icon. In case you choose not to create an account then you have to select ‘I already have an account’ option and then proceed. In this step, if you face any problem then call in Epson printer helpline number. Then enter the add a printer option and after that, the printer will be added to your device. You can use the Epson printer without any trouble after these steps are followed correctly.

Though the steps are not very tough to understand if you have difficulty following any of the steps then you can take help of our team. They will guide you throughout the process by which you can configure Epson printer with your laptop easily.

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