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The print quality of any printer decides its usability and durability. So, while purchasing a printer you have to check whether all these characteristics are fulfilled. The Epson printers are known for maintaining their print quality and you will enjoy printing from it throughout their lifespan. But there may be certain times when you find that the print quality of the printer has decreased to an extent. It may be because of certain causes finding out those Epson printer troubleshooting measures which can only solve this problem. Few common causes of printing problem are mentioned here along with that solutions to handle them. These solutions will help you to get rid of these causes and you will be able to print again. If you have trouble following the steps, then you have to dial Epson contact number and avail help of technicians of our team. They are very helpful and they always provide you proper guidance for solving the issues.

Epson Contact Number

The printer is on but it is not printing

Suppose you have turned on the printer but printer is not printing properly, then there are few possible causes of that, those causes are mentioned here. If you have a problem in understanding these causes, then you can take help of Epson printer support team.

  • Interface cable: The first cause of printing is that the interface cable is either broken or is twisted. If you find any of this cause as a reason for your problem, then you have to replace the cable with a new one. After replacing the wire, you have to check whether printing is working if the problem persists you have to take help of experts by calling in Epson contact number. In case you require any help for replacing it then also our team will help you.
  • Not connected to the computer: If you find that the printer is not directly connected to the computer then also you may have the printing error. To know what exactly connection problem is you can take help of Epson technical support That means you are using printer charger for connection, printer buffer or extension cable for connecting the printer to the computer. Whenever you have a problem in printing try to connect without using these specific devices or you can even call in Epson contact number for availing help.
The printer is not printing when a computer sends any data

If you have done the installation process successfully and you have even recently updated the version of Epson printer drivers, still you find that printer is not printing when the computer is sending any data, then there is something wrong in the printer. Here the causes of this problem:

  • The printer is paused: If by chance the printer is paused then you will find that it is not printing the data that has been sent by the computer. In such a situation you have to press the pause button to turn off the pause light for sorting out the issue. Even after that, you find that still, the printer is not printing then it is always advisable to call in Epson contact number and take assistance from experts.
  • The problem in interface cable: Another common cause of this problem is that the interface cable is not plugged in properly. In that situation, you will not be able to print the data you have sent from the computer. So, you have to take help of Epson customer care team for finding the solution to this problem. You can even solve it on your own by checking both the ends of the cable between the printer and the computer and then finding out whether the cables are plugged in securely. If you find that the cable is already plugged in securely but you are having the problem, then you should contact Epson printer help This shows that there is some other cause of the problem which our team members will find out.
  • The interface does not meet the specifications: There are various specifications needed in the interface cable that has to be fulfilled. By chance it is not fulfilled either by the printer or by the computer then there is the cause of the problem. When you connect the printer you should always make sure that the interface cable meets all the necessary specifications. In that situation, you have to take help of Epson customer service The executives of the team will help you to find out where the cause lies whether it is specifications of the printer or the computer.

Therefore, sorting out the print quality problems is a challenge, if you are unable to tackle the issues by yourself, then is advisable to dial Epson Printer help number and avail help of experts. They will help you instantly with valuable advice for getting rid of all sorts of issues.