Printers are a part which holds a whole range of significance in today’s world. Epson printers come in entire varieties for professional, business as well as personal purposes at all times. Owing to the increasing requirement of printers with the passing time, the manufacturers are upgrading their technology with time. Amidst the hoard of different brands, Epson printers are the leading printer brand that offers productive printing, better quality, and work efficiency. However, as a result of being an electronic device, the Epson range of printers are reporting to have few technical flaws like paper jam issues, Epson printer offline problem, printing white lines issue, and others. In this article, we are going to discuss the offline problems relating to Epson printers.

Epson printer offline problem fixing with a Password Reset

The simplest way to Epson printer troubleshooting an offline printer is by turning off the printer and on again. A resetting process can fix several issues with a printer that is responsible for showing it up as offline.

Epson printer offline

  • At the initial stage, hold the Power button on your printer until the device shuts off. Or else you can also eliminate the power cable from the back of the device.
  • Afterward, the cable can be plugged in and then, press the ‘Power’ buttons to also turn it back. You need to wait for a certain time so that it gets fully reboot and also print your document again. When it works, then your offline printer issue is fixed.
When it is a Connection problem

Have you disconnected your printer from your computer? Are you encountering Epson printer problem? Then, your printer can go offline. If your printer is hooked up to your device by using the USB wire, then you’re able to fix the offline issue by plugging in the cable into a different USB port on your device. Another process to fix the Epson printer offline problem is by resetting the wireless communication on the printer. This situation is only possible when the printer is connected through the wireless mode.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, then you can seek the support of Epson printer support team for support.

Epson printer offline


Setup of the default printer

On the off chance that resetting your disconnected printer and checking for connection issues don’t fix your disconnected printer, at that point, you may need to set the default printer again to determine the issue. You can set your default printer on a Windows PC by tapping the “Begin” catch and afterward choosing “Devices and Printers”. Then, you have to right-click on your printer and afterward click “Set as default printer.” You can set your default printer on a Mac PC by tapping the “Apple” symbol in the upper left corner of the screen and afterward clicking “Framework Preferences” trailed by “Printers and Scanners.” Afterward, the user needs to right-click on your printer in the sidebar and afterward click “Set as default printer.” Try to print your archive once more. Are you unable to solve the issue? Then, get in touch with the specialists at the Epson support team for resolution.

Epson printer offline

The conclusive statement

The Epson customer care professionals are experienced enough to deal with all range of technical glitches with proficiency. All emergency situations are handled carefully so that users remain tension free after connecting with us. Get in touch with the experts at our toll-free Epson helpline number for support.

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