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In the duration of operating Epson printers, most of the problems that you may encounter have very simple solutions. You can try to resolve the issues by following these simple solutions. If you find these solutions tough to interpret then it’s better to avail the help of Epson printer support team. The executive will guide you through the steps and you can easily overcome the situation and printer again from the printer. Whenever you have any problem in the printer you can follow the solutions mentioned here and you will find that you are out of that situation without much hassle or you can even take help of Epson customer service team.

Epson Printer Support

You can also use the self-test whenever you have any problem with the printer. This is done for determining whether the printer is causing the problem or the computer is the actual culprit. If still, you fail to find the actual problem, then you have to call in Epson contact number for the availing help of experts. Let’s discuss one by one problem in detail.

Power supply problems

You will have to face the power supply problem in the Epson printers mainly due to two reasons. After analyzing these reasons, you find that none of them is the culprit then the possible problem lies somewhere else in that case you have to contact Epson customer service team for finding the reason. Here are two possible reasons:

  • You suddenly find that control panel lights come on briefly but suddenly goes off. This problem is caused when the printer’s voltage rating does not match the voltage of the electrical outlet through which you have connected it. In order to solve this problem, you have to first check the printer and the outlet voltage ratings. Suppose you find that the voltages do not match then it is better that you unplug the printer. Further, you have to immediately contact Epson technical support They will handle the issue very easily by resolving the cause of the problem itself. Once this case is solved, the power supply problem will be solved automatically.
  • You may suffer from power supply problem when you turn on the printer you find that control panel lights are off. You can take help of Epson customer care for sorting out the issue. The simple possible cause of this problem may be that the power cord is not properly plugged into the electrical outlet or the printer. You can get rid of these issues or this problem could be solved by turning off the printer. After turning off you have to ensure that the power plug is properly plugged into the electrical outlet as well as in the printer then only you should turn on the printer. If then also problem does not get resolved, then it is better to contact Epson printer support
Paper loading problems

One most common issue that users of Epson printer face a problem in loading the paper. If you find that you are having a problem in the printing process, they should also check whether you are using the updated version of Epson printer drivers. If you are not using the correct updated version, then you will have a problem in the printing process. You can take help from our Epson technical experts for finding the updated version. Here are some of the causes of paper loading problems:

  • Suppose you have a problem in loading a single sheet paper then that problem is caused when there is the continuous paper in the path of the paper. Whenever you face this problem then you can get rid of this problem by availing the help of Epson printer troubleshooting team or you can try to solve it yourself by following these steps. This problem could be solved when you press load or eject button to feed the continuous paper back to the standby position. You can also set the paper release lever to the single sheet position and then insert a new sheet in the printer. This solution could be solved by following these steps but if you still have a problem then it’s better to consult Epson printer support They would solve your problem instantly.
  • Another cause of the problem of loading a single sheet is that the paper release lever is set to the tractor position, this cause of the problem will cause a problem in loading paper. Thus, this problem could be solved when you set the paper release lever to a single sheet position. In case you have difficulty in doing so you can always call Epson printer help and take help of our executives.

These two problems are considered as very common issues that arise in the Epson printers. There are many more issues that prevent you from using the Epson printers properly without any hassle. Though all the problems have a very simple solution at any point of time if have difficulty in solving the issues or you feel that you need some help or guidance then you can contact Epson printer support team. Our Epson technical expert executives will instantly help you with proper solutions.