In the process of using the printers, often you run into problems. These problems are associated with the Epson printer wireless setup. Sometimes power cycling your printer can enable you to resolve the issue. All you have to do is turn off your printer and unplug it. After that, you have to wait 30 seconds. Further, you try to plug your printer back in and turn the printer back on. You will find that it starts working if not then avail the help of expert technicians who will help you to solve it.

Epson printer wireless setup

Fixing Epson printer wireless setup

Whenever you face problem in the wireless setup then there are series of steps that you need to follow. If you do so then you will be able to continue to print from your respective printer. Here are the steps:

  • Check the connection: You have to check that the printer’s wireless option is turned on and available. There is number of printers that have a button that displays a blue wireless icon. This happens when a wireless connection option for the printer is available. If you want to learn where this button is located on your printer or you simply want to find instructions about how to turn it on then contact the experts. You may even see the instructions that came with the printer or avail the help of the Epson printer troubleshooting team for help.
  • Reinstall the printer: Before you reinstall you have to uninstall it. Start the process by selecting the button then the settings, devices and printers. In the printers and scanners option, you can find the printer, select it, and then select Remove device. Once you uninstall it now it’s the time to reinstall it again. You must choose the Start button, then go to select Settings from there Devices and then again to Printers & scanners. Now, select Add a printer or scanner. You must wait for your device to find nearby printers, and after that choose the one you want, and then select Add device.
  • Have the wireless connectivity test: When you find that there is issue in Epson printer wireless setup, you have to take the test. In the printers, menu option is present which is to test the printer’s wireless connectivity. You must read the instructions that came with the printer before proceeding with the steps. If even after that still you have problem then contact the experts who would fix the issue. Above all, make sure to use wireless access points, extenders, or multiple wireless routers with separate SSIDs, make sure you’re connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Find the printer: When you find that your printer is turned on and connected to the network, then the Windows will find it easily. You must know that all the available printers can include all printers on a network. This includes Bluetooth and wireless printers, or printers which are already plugged into another computer and shared on the network. There is need of permission to install some printers. Apart from that ensure to install the right Epson printer driver. The driver must be according to your operating system.

Why avail help?

In case when you make use of wireless access points, extenders, or multiple wireless routers with separate SSIDs, you must check that you’re connected to the same network as the printer and install it otherwise there will be a problem in Epson printer wireless setup. Suppose there is a new wireless printer that hasn’t been added to your home network, then first read the instructions that came with the printer and get up-to-date software for your printer. You can print a test page just to check that the printer is working correctly. Whereas if the printer is installed properly but it doesn’t work, check the manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting information or driver updates.

Reinstall printer

If you want to reinstall or add a local printer, then you must avail of help for completing the process successfully. If you are doing it all by yourself then just plug the USB cable from your printer into an available USB port on your PC, and then turn on the printer. You have to go to the Start button, from where Settings then Devices and at last Printers & scanners. Under Printers & scanners, look for your printer but in a situation, you see your printer listed, you’ll know it’s installed properly. Whereas if you can’t find printer listed or there is the issue in Epson printer wireless setup, in that situation select Add a printer or scanner option. After that, you have to wait for your device to find available printers. You may always seek the help of the expert technicians who are there to help you in resolving the issue of connection.

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