Today, the printer is one of the vital needs. Everyone uses a printer for their work or home. If you want to convert a digital copy from your computer into physical hard copy then you will surely need a printer. It is easier to use a printer as most of the printers work as a plug and play device. With the release of various versions of windows, printer installation and setup has become easier too.  Epson wireless printer is more useful and convenient. All Epson printers can connect to your modem or Wi-Fi router through a wireless network which makes printing easier.

Epson wireless printer

What are the ways to set up a wireless printer?
  • If you connect to Epson wireless printer, then you can directly print from anywhere. No matter you are at home, floor or anywhere else. Your smartphone and another mobile device such as android phone, or iPhone, iPad and iPod can also print directly from anywhere in your home as soon as you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • There is a need to install any separate printer driver for smartphones either. Epson wireless printers are available in different types such as Bluetooth-enabled and infrared (IrDA). Though if you have trouble in connecting the printer then contact the customer service team for guidance in the process.
  • In order to print from a new Epson printer, you need to first connect the Epson printer to wireless network or Wi-Fi first. After that, you have to add the printer to your computer from the control panel to start printing. You should not download any additional driver from Epson printer help team in case you are running Windows 8.1 or above and Mac OS X 1011 or above.
  • The driver software that is automatically downloaded through Windows or Apple software update service respectively. All Wi-Fi enabled Epson printers, are able to setup through one or more of three different wireless modes that are Wi-Fi infrastructure mode setup, Wi-Fi direct mode setup and Wi-Fi protected mode setup. You have to contact Epson printer support team for getting in touch with the expert technicians who would help you.
Steps of connection of the wireless printer
  • First press the home button and then up or down arrow buttons in order to select the Wi-Fi setup and press the OK button.
  • For connecting Epson wireless printer from the control panel, first, you need to select the Wi-Fi setup wizard and then press the OK button.
  • You have to use the up and down arrow key, highlight the Wi-Fi network name you want to connect and press OK to select.
  • In the next step, you must press the cancel button to cancel the selection and select a different Wi-Fi network. If your Wi-Fi name is not on the list, you can enter it manually.
  • Further, you must select the “Other Network” option and type the Wi-Fi name and password for connecting the printer to the network.

Once you have successfully connected, you may see the SSID and IP address information in the status report. This report you have printed in the previous steps and the Wi-Fi connection symbol. If the Wi-Fi symbol isn’t lit you may not have entered the correct Wi-Fi password or selected the wrong network. Now you have to repeat the steps from 1 through 7 and you must try to connect again. You can even avail the help of Epson customer service team.

What is a Wi-Fi direct mode setup?

When it is about Wi-Fi Direct Mode, your Epson Printer turns out as a wireless access point or router and allows you to connect 4 devices at a time. You can connect a computer and other wireless devices directly to your printer and send the print job. When you enable Wi-Fi Direct mode, then your printer will show you a network name and password. You are required to connect to the same network created by the Epson printer, in order to print from it. This is the easiest way to connect an Epson wireless printer when you don’t have any access point or router.  Once you have enabled Wi-Fi direct feature, you can have direct communication between your Printer and computer or other devices without a Wi-Fi router or access point.

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